Any minute now...
FYF was fun (at FYF Fest)
last day in Weed, CA. I’ll miss you Shasta (at City of Weed)
calm before the storm #sharks #playoffs #game3 (at HP Pavilion at San Jose)
#musicmonday #phoenix #bankrupt
just a beautiful California sunset #stock
this was Bassnectar at #coachella #weekend1 #nofilter
chomp chomp (at HP Pavilion at San Jose)
mah dogs
they’re here! #coachella2013
Chewy doesn’t like the crows outside
sure glad I woke up at 6:30 today
well this is awkward @andgelaa

Where the fuck is the coachealla lineup

Let’s just lay down get high as hell and tell the rest of the world to fuck off


It’s been too long without another’s touch. Or a tumblr post.